Fast FreeSWITCH control purpose-built on traffic theory and stress testing.


Switchy intends to be a fast control library for harnessing the power of the FreeSWITCH telephony engine whilst leveraging the expressiveness of Python. It relies on the FreeSWITCH ESL inbound method for control and was originally built for generating traffic using FreeSWITCH clusters.

Installation and Dependencies

See instructions on the github page.


  • drive multiple FreeSWITCH processes as a traffic generator
  • write services in pure Python to process flows from a FreeSWITCH cluster
  • build a dialplan system using a Flask-like routing API
  • record, display and export CDR and performance metrics captured during stress tests
  • async without requiring twisted

FreeSWITCH Configuration

Switchy relies on some baseline server deployment steps for import-and-go usage.